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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 16
~ Houston, we have a belly!

They called me on Monday and the cardiologist decided to wait a couple of weeks to do the level 2 so she can be sure she can see everything she needs to see. Fine with me since obviousely I don't want to leave with unanswered questions but darn I was so excited! My fetal echo/level 2 is now scheduled for September 12th.

Also, they didn't change my due date. So it is Feb 4th and appears will stay that way for once.

My belly is REALLY popping out now. I definitely look pregnant. It's strange because I don't FEEL very pregnant; it surprises me when I brush my arm on my belly all of a sudden and run into a bump! I'm not really feeling anymore movement, occasionally just the slightest fish flopping feeling; I can't wait until I can feel the for sure kicks. With the last 2 babies I really started feeling it at 17 weeks so it should be very soon.

This week has been so busy. We've been on vacation and it's funny how a relaxing vacation can wear you out so completely. Lack of sleep, uncomfortable beds, walking miles sightseeing..... vacations are exhausting.

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