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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 18
~ I Think I Forgot Week 17!

17 weeksWell, how silly. I think I got myself 10 kinds of screwed up with my weeks and updates or something. Anyway, so I'm 18 weeks and week 17 must have just skipped itself or something. Darn preggo brain! Anyway, I've attached a 17 week belly picture.

Not much new to report. I've definitely popped out a tummy all of a sudden! It's lower than Alex was so maybe that means girl. Wishful thinking? At any rate I'm glad summer is almost over because my maternity shorts are getting a bit snug I need to move on to the big ole momma panel pants reeeeeeeeeal soon. Speaking of summer, 3 more days til the kids go back to school! OMGOSH are we ALL ready. Summer is great but they just get so sick of being around each other day after day and by now they just fight from the minute they crawl out of bed to the minute they fall asleep again. It's wearing on all of us!

Tuesday I go to my midwife apppointment and the following Tuesday is the level 2! As it gets closer I'm getting more and more excited! I'm sure I won't sleep a wink the night before.

Baby is moving like crazy lately. Still very light wiggles and taps but quite frequently. That's just something that no matter how many times you've been pregnant it's still amazing and wonderful every single time.

Craig and I are both getting SO excited for this baby. So far the pregnancy seems to be going rather quickly so hopefully the second half will bring more of the same. Jacksen is now noticing my belly popping out and has started kissing the baby and stuff like he did with Alex; it's soooo sweet.

So far so good on the antibiotics front. They seem to be working to keep the UTI's away!!!! I'm not entirely thrilled about being on them until I have the baby, just because there ARE risks with long term antibiotics but what can I do?

Anyway, sorry I don't have anything more exciting to share to make up for losing a week, but boring is good!

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