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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 20
~ And the verdict is . . .

Baby Nathan has a healthy heart! Yep, that's right . . . baby Nathan. It's a boy! I thought I would be sad if it were a boy but the second I heard that doctor say that his heart was healthy, all of that melted away. Our new son is absolutely perfect as far as a level 2 ultrasound can tell, and a level 2 ultrasound is pretty good.

The geneticists were very thorough. They told us that Alex must've been a fluke because there is no reason to think otherwise given our family history. We still have a 3-5% chance of another heart defect in our family but that is just what they give everybody who's had one child with it since there isn't any way to know what causes it for sure.

So, we've decided to name him Nathan Alexander. I was actually able to go through all of the baby boy clothes with just a few moments of feeling sad. I'm sure we'll have many of those moments but they are worth it for the sheer happiness we feel most of the time reflecting on just how blessed we are.

Otherwise nothing new to report. Keeping busy with the kids school activities and extra curriculars. Here I thought once school started my schedule would slow down a little! PFFFFFFFFFT!

On another note, my little Jack turns 4 tomorrow, September 20th. I can't beleive it! He's growing up so fast!

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