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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 24
~ Viability!

So if my baby were born now (God forbid), he would have a chance to live! How amazing is that?!

My mouth feels much better. I ended up getting a dry socket that left me totally incapacitated for a few days but then it started to get better very quickly and I am 99% pain free as of now woohooo!

I had my week 24 midwife appointment last week. Got my flu shot. Heartbeat was 141 although he was moving around so much it took forever to attempt to get a count on it, stinker. After measuring ahead this whole pregnancy I am now measuring about a week behind, what's up with THAT?! I gained another 2 lbs for a total of 10 so far this pregnancy which is right on track for what I should/hope to gain.

My next appointment is November 10th and I get to do the dreaded Glucose Tolerance test. Fun fun fun!

It's starting to sink in that we really are going to have a baby. I mean not that I didn't think we were before but it feels like it's getting so close now. If he comes early like Alex did he could be here in just under 12 weeks! WOW.

I made my last 2 big baby purchases this past week. The Combi City Savvy stroller that goes with my Combi Connection carseat and a Moby Wrap sling thing. Now we need some more onesies and some more newborn outfits but otherwise we are set!

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