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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 25
~ Truckin' Along

Craig and JacksenNot a whole lot new this week. Nathan has been kicking up a storm and sometimes I can see my whole belly move . . . no matter how many times I do this that never fails to creep me out haha.

I'm really starting to feel big. Sleeping is becoming more of a challenge. When I get into bed and lay down and get comfy I find myself being short of breath because of the effort it takes. The joys of pregnancy.

I think they may have changed my due date on me again. Not that it's a lot but this is getting silly! First it was February 3, then February 6, then January 29th, then February 4th . . . well I had to get a pregnancy verification for something and on it says "Edd February 2!" What the schmeckle! Get it together people!

I have attached a picture of my dear guinea pig husband and son Jacksen demonstrating the Moby Wrap, since I've gotten a few questions on what it is. Craig loved it, said he would have never known he was carrying around a 30 lb child in it although he did admit to having a new appreciation for pregnant women! Is that all it takes?! Wish I'd thought of it before!

I am feeling very Christmas-ey lately. That's strange for me; I generally despise the holidays. I've gotten an ok jump on shopping and can't wait to bake. Maybe that's why I'm looking forward to it, eating!

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