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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 27
~ I'm Getting Too Old for This

Ok so 30 isn't old. But I surely feel like it lately.

Update on the car buying. OMG what a catastrophe THAT turned out to be! We decided to buy the Saturn so last Tuesday which was Halloween we had to meet with the guy at 3pm. Got down there and sat for an hour and then he tells us that they are just running our app through another place to try to get us a better rate . . . oooooook whatever I guess.

Another hour goes by and he comes in the little playroom where we were with Jack and Shaylin with the finance manager. I'm thinking this can't be good right? RIGHT. Turns out when he called me the night before and told us our financing was secure he was "mistaken" and they needed more information. When he provided it to them, they DENIED us. So we went to this meeting presuming to drive home a car and had no financing. Then they took my new car back to detail it and DENTED IT! Sure it was just the trimming around one of the windows but I was not going to let that slide so they fixed it right away. They did get it all worked out but we were there a total of 3 1/2 hours that day and have had to drive back twice since for paperwork they "forgot" to have us fill out/sign. Let's just say a nice nasty letter is in the works. We didn't even get any extras for our trouble. Not to mention we left there and stopped at a gas station to find out our temp plate expired THAT DAY so we had to go BACK and get a new one. We ended up not getting home until after 7 and the kids got to hit a whopping 4 houses trick or treating; I felt so bad for them! Totally ruined their halloween. Stupid car dealership!

Anyway, this is a pregnancy blog not a car blog I know. So, 27 weeks now. Thursday is my glucose test, joy. With my last pregnancy they had me going every 3 weeks then 2 then 1 from this point so we'll see if they are going to do that again. I really hope not actually because it's an hour drive and with winter gaining on us I hate driving on the ice but of course if they feel it necessary then I'm for it.

This past weekend I started a small part time job at the restaraunt my husband works at. It's just 4 hours of cleaning on the weekends, nothing big but I sure realized I'm in my last trimester. I got so winded and tired moving around the tables and bar stools. I'm hoping to keep it up til after Christmas for some extra money but I'm not sure . . .

This is getting a bit long so I'll wrap up. Wish me luck I don't fail the GTT this time like I did with Alex and have to take that nasty 3 hour one!

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