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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 28
~ 12 to go, but who's counting

I had my 28 week "lab" appointment on Friday and so far no phone call today telling me I failed the glucose test! Let's hope that call does NOT come in.

I am on 3 week appointments now, which is fine. It means we are definitely entering the home stretch now! It just gets old having to drive 2 hours round trip for appointments sometimes - blah!

Otherwise, everything looked great. Little Nathan is getting too big now to run away from the doppler so for the first time this pregnancy we got a nice reading on his heartrate. 146. Perfect! Mommy however saw her own number she didn't like . . . an 8 pound weight gain in four weeks! WHAT?!?! It's still only up 18 pounds total for the pregnancy but my goodness! I must have been indulging in the kids' halloween candy more than I thought there. Now two of the big "eating" holidays are coming back to back . . . ooooh this won't be pretty.

Otherwise nothing new or exciting. I'm definitely getting big and uncomfortable. I found the same shoes today that I had and loved when I was pregnant last winter . . . the slip on variety! My fingers keep swelling, and I can't wear my rings anymore. I pee when I sneeze too . . . lovely third trimester adventures!

I am going to start this afternoon on my Christmas cards. We have over 200 to send this year since we are sending one to everyone who sent us a card when Alex passed (hopefully I didn't throw the envelopes away!) The post man will love us!

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