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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 29
~ No News Is Good News!

Well, since they haven't called me about the GTT that usually means it came back fine! WHEW. No 3 hour! I get to gorge myself on mashed potatoes and pie at Thanksgiving! haha.

My hips have officially decided enough is enough. I don't think I was quite this uncomfortable this soon with the others, but I try to keep in mind that this is my second pregnancy in a year! I hope my body can handle what I put it through.

Nathan still seems to prefer my left side, I think he's breech but who knows. Either way he still has plenty of time to get things straight. I just wish he'd figure out that my right side isn't so bad either! I think that's what is doing my hips in, all the weight on the one side. Little booger! I am soooo ready to have him! Hopefully with the holidays and all the next few weeks will go quickly! This past week has seemed to drag though so I hope that's no indication of what's to come!

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