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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Weeks 33 & 34
~ Watching the Days Tick By

34 weeks already! It's hard to believe just a mere two weeks from now is the gestation our little Alex was born at. Of course I'm hoping to go a bit further this time but at 36 weeks, sweet Nathan could come home healthy! Nuts!

Been really busy with the holidays and such, who hasn't right? I'm glad it's finally over now I just have to get the house in order! It looks like KB toys threw up in my living room and since the remodeling isn't done (shocker there) there isn't a whole lot of room to put all the new stuff my spoiled rotten children got for Christmas! EEEEEEEEEEK.

On top of it, my dear husband shared his chest/head cold with me. How nice of him! It's not too bad if it didn't make me so much more exhausted than I already am, and then of course being insanely huge and pregnant I lay down in bed at the end of the day and stare at the ceiling while he snores away in his nyquil slumber . . . how RUDE.

So, just hanging out, watching the days tick by on the calendar and getting more and more excited as each one passes. Can't wait to meet this sweet baby boy!

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