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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 36
~ Rib Shots

Well, I have officially been pregnant a day longer than I was with Alex, just more realization that Nathan is almost done baking!

Although I didn't think it was possible, little man dropped more yesterday. I was having these strange cramps for a couple of hours, not contractions just really crampy muscle type feelings and then later that evening I noticed him head butting my nether regions and Craig said my belly looked lower than it had. Kinda nice cause I can breathe a little easier but he's in a perfect position now to do these insanely painful rib kicks! All of a sudden out of the blue just WHAM, rib shot. LESS thank pleasant!

He feels so huge in there, although I thought the same thing about Alex at the end and he was itty bitty so what do I know! Wouldn't hurt my feelings if he decided to come early, although obviously his health is of utmost importance. Another midwife appointment in two days and I'll get my lovely GBS test, always good times *eye rolling*

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