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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 4
~ We are so blessed

On Tuesday I finally went to my "6 week" post partum check up with the midwife since having Alex. Ok, so it was quite late. I had originally had the appointment in March, on Tuesday the 14th but that was two days before Alex died and he was really having some struggles and I just couldn't bring myself to leave him and travel all the way back home for the visit. After he died I procrastinated on making the appointment for obvious reasons.

Turns out, the midwives had no idea he had died. Of course they knew he was sick, but apparently the news of his death had missed them so I had to tell the story. The midwife and I cried together; I hate when people make me cry! She did the dreaded exam and asked where in my cycle I was. I told her cycle day 24 and she says "hmmm, your uterus is ever so slightly enlarged, but don't read anything into it because it could be normal for you." So of course I read EVERYTHING into it.

The next morning I took a pregnancy test and of course to torment me I couldn't tell if it was positive or not. The next morning though, there in front of me was a nice, albeit faint, pink line! A whirlwind of emotions instantly took over. Although we had decided to try again right away, I had NO idea it would happen so soon!

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