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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 7
~ Counting the days

So as the name suggests I am counting down to my first midwife appointment. I know that once you see a heartbeat, your risk of miscarriage decreases dramatically so I canít wait for that. Iíve never before had a miscarriage, but since itís so soon after having Alex I worry that my body is just going to say "whoa, too soon! No WAY lady!".

Iím still for the most part symptomless. Although I feel myself getting the tiniest twinge of an upset stomach if I donít eat regularly and Iíve had some wicked heartburn, itís something and Iíll take it!

Iíve been busy this week. The charity that we started in memory of Alex is really taking off and we made the front page of the local newspaper this week; very exciting. Itís nice to be validated for all the work were putting in, but even more itís wonderful to be able to spread the word about heart defects.

Nothing really interesting to report. Iím starting to notice the tiniest bit of pooching out in the lower belly, but itís just fat haha.

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