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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 9
~ First Trimester Hell

Iím still so over the top sick it isnít funny. The stupid thing is I can be ready to vomit and starving at the same time! Iím also soooooo tired. I sleep 12 hours a night and then drag all day anyway; this is ridiculous! I am looking forward to my appointment on Thursday to have my hemoglobin checked because itís GOTTA be low. Either that or Iím just feeling so bad because I didnít give my body a chance to recover from the last pregnancy before jumping in again.

With Alex I remember being almost visibly pregnant at 9 weeks, to the point where people who didn't know I was even pregnant were asking! This time I'm not really repeating that. I never got out of maternity pants even though I lost all the baby weight so maybe I'm just not noticing because of that; I don't know.

I find myself being a bit paranoid lately. I donít know if itís some post traumatic stress rearing itís head or what but I donít like it. I wonít take medications during pregnancy but Iím really starting to think I should make an appointment to talk to someone because this paranoia is really wearing me down.

So thatís that, tired, sick, hungry, and paranoid! Sounds like fun huh?

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