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Gayesy's parenting after loss journal
Thomas and Katelyn
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Gaye's parenting after loss journal.

Andrew and Gaye live in Australia and are the proud parents of Thomas, born in February 1997. They were joyously expecting their second baby when Nicholas died unexpectedly around the 15th week in December 2000. Gaye conceived again and delivered a perfect baby daughter, Katelyn Grace, four days past her due date, on February 26, 2002.

Join Gayesy as she shares her parenting after loss story . . .

Gayesy's Journal Entries

Birth Story
Meet Katelyn

Month One
The Adventure Begins

Month Two
Smiles all around!

Month Three

Month Four
Laughter is the best medicine!

Month Five
The best things in life are free

Month Six
Sleepless in the Sunshine State

Month Seven
On the move!

Month Eight
Onwards and upwards . . .

Month Nine
Having a Ball!

Month Ten
Smiling Eyes!

Month Eleven
Toddling - well, kind of!

Month Twelve
Happy birthday Missy Moo!

Month Thirteen
A real little girl!

Month Fourteen

Month Fifteen

Month Sixteen
My little ray of sunshine

Month Seventeen
My Pocket Rocket!

Month Eighteen
Look who's talking!

Month Nineteen
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!

Month Twenty

Month Twenty-One
Fun and games

Month Twenty-Two

Month Twenty-Three
Sick little girl

Month Twenty-Four

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