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Month 19 ~ September 26, 2003
~ Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!

KatelynOh boy what a month! I have been sick the whole time with bad asthma and a chest infection that only just now has started to respond to antibiotics. For weeks on end I have been coughing almost all night and most of the day. It gets a little wearing after a while I can tell you! Thomas has been experiencing major mood swings, and we have been actively seeking other treatments to help him. Andrew has been trying to finish his PhD (absolute final date it must be submitted is October 31st) and also working long hours at the office. Katelyn has been her usual adorable but high energy little self. At times things have been so tough that I have just not known how I would cope! I was trying some Zoloft last month but it gave me migraines, so I have now started some Cipramil and am hoping that will help a little.

Katelyn is growing and developing beautifully. She is such a little girl now, and even though we don't try to sway her play preferences one way or the other (we actually have more traditional "boy toys" than "girl toys" because they are what Thomas always liked), she almost always chooses to play with her dolls. She is very loving with them, and also loves cuddling with soft toys. One of her other favourite pass-times at the moment though is looking through the photo albums at herself and Thomas as babies. She will tell me all about what she sees and act out the ones where babies are sleeping, feeding, playing etc. She just adores babies! When we are out she will do the sign for "baby" whenever she sees one and will say "Baboo, baboo".

Another favourite activity is using one of the couches as a slippery slide. Yikes! She climbs up one couch, onto the buffet, stands there for a moment to give a suitably cheeky grin, then slides down the couch that is on the other side. The she will get off that couch and run around to start all over again. At least now I know she can do it safely, as long as Thomas doesn't interfere with her, so I just stand close by and watch.

Speech is coming along in leaps and bounds! It is so exciting to witness! I was keeping a list of new words as they appeared, but found a few weeks back when we reached about 60 that I just couldn't keep up anymore! I am guessing that she now uses in excess of 80 words. We hear several new words each day, and "old words" are being spoken more clearly now as well. Last month Katelyn would occasionally put two words together: now she regularly strings two, three, or even four words together, or sometimes a combination of words and signs that can tell a whole "story". She might say something like "Daddy all gone wer-wer (work) car.", which of course means "Daddy has gone to work in the car." "Daddy" is probably her favourite word right now, and she says it SO clearly that it is amazing. Poor little girl though, because every time the dog barks, she thinks Daddy is home, and she starts running to the door saying "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!". She has really started missing him when he's gone now, and I often have to contend with two crying children when he leaves these days.

KatelynAs well as her Daddy, Missy Moo has taken quite a shine to my parents, and now will often go to the door and ask for Nan-nan and Pa. When they arrive she runs up and gives a kiss and cuddle to my Mum. It takes a few minutes before she will do that with my Dad, but once she has "let him in the in group" she won't leave him alone for a second and will even fuss outside the bathroom door if he dares to go to the toilet! LOL! I suspect that in a few months Andrew and I might even be able to leave both kids with my parents for an hour or so and go out to lunch (wouldn't do dinner yet as she is very much a Mummy's girl at night still).

Finally we are getting somewhere in the hair department! Katelyn's hair is actually getting quite long at the back and I have started using some little rubber bands and clips occasionally to dress it up. It looks SO cute! I love choosing her clothes and doing her hair: yes, I know she isn't a doll, but I can still have a little fun can't I? She is just so beautiful and has such a sweet and happy nature that she brings so much joy into everyone's life.

Next month I will try to start taking Katelyn to "Gymtots", a gymnastics program a bit like Gymboree but a lot cheaper, and we will have to get back in the groove of going to playgroup more regularly. Hopefully once I am over this bug we will all have a break from sickness for quite some time!

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