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Month 24 ~ February 29, 2004
~ TWO!

birthdayMy baby girl is TWO! I can hardly believe it! Little Missy Moo has grown into a very beautiful, clever, happy and funny little girl and I am so incredibly grateful we have her.

Thankfully Katelyn's health has been great! We had to do a repeat blood test early this month to make sure her immune system was back to normal after that bad virus. It was, and further evidence of that was when she caught a very mild cold a week later and managed to throw it off in a couple of days with barely a sniffle. She has been absolutely full of beans, and has seemed to put back on the weight she lost while sick (back to 11kg/ 24.2 lb again). Katelyn is also growing in height, and even though I haven't had her officially measured, I can say she is approximately 33 inches tall.

Thomas started Grade 2 at the end of January, and Andrew was on leave from work for the first few days. On the first day back, we decided to take the kids to a nearby bakery after school as a little treat. We were sitting outside eating our afternoon tea (Katelyn had a gingerbread man), when some of Thomas's friends walked by. One of them had just been bought a small packet of Tim Tam biscuits as his "first day treat". He stopped right near us to open the packet and get out the first one, and Katelyn's eyes grew bigger than I had ever seem them before! She had never seen a chocolate biscuit before, let alone one so yummy-looking, and yet she seemed to know that it was something to get excited about!! I'm not sure if she will get to try one for a long time though, because this particular biscuit sends Thomas quite "psycho", so we just don't go near them!

KatelynI finally started taking Katelyn to a toddler gymnastics program, at our local PCYC (police citizen's youth club). She absolutely LOVES "Kindy Kidz", and has been known to run around the gymnasium squealing with delight! Her favourite activities are swinging on the bars, climbing through tunnels, and dancing to the Wiggles (she can now point her fingers and do the twist, stand on one leg and shake her hands, and do "hot potato" and "mashed banana") The little brother of one of Thomas's little school friends has started coming along too, so that makes it even more exciting for her. Katelyn has taught herself how to do forward rolls and does them all over the place now, including unfortunately off the end of the bed!

Katelyn's speech and other development has continued to come along beautifully. She is such a smart little girl that she just blows me away! She can now recognise and name quite a few colours, including white, pink, red, green, blue, yellow and orange. If you ask her what colour something is, she almost always will be able to give the correct answer! She also has started telling us that she loves us! Awwww! She had been doing the sign for "I love you" for some time, but one morning, when we were dropping Andrew off at the train station, she called out "Uh loose, Daddy!" while she did the sign. She regularly says it now. Very funny is that one afternoon, Thomas had teased her more than she had patience for, and she told him, "Date-in NO uh loose Awuss!" Some of her words and expressions are still quite "unique" as in the sentence just given, but many times now she speaks in language that others can understand very well.

On the subject of Missy Moo's moods, she had lately been quite the little drama queen and letting us know she is "cwoss" in no uncertain terms when things don't go her way! It's good actually that she will use words rather than having a tantrum, but she will stomp around, do a hilariously cross face, and even shrug her shoulders and sigh as if everything is a disaster. It is so darned cute and can be rather amusing but we have to refrain from letting her know that of course!

KatelynBoth children had their birthdays this month and we held a joint celebration for them on the Saturday in between. We had planned an outdoor afternoon tea and play at a park near the water at Shorncliffe, but the weather had other ideas! We were in the middle of a major heatwave, with temperatures in the early forties celsius. The day of the party reached 41 degrees (that's 106 F!), so we had the party at our house in the air conditioning. Even so, with so many families in our small house and the weather outside so incredibly hot and humid, the AC could barely cope and it was still pretty hot. Both children had a great time, as did their guests. Thomas had a chocolate cake with a Spider-man figure on it, and Katelyn had cupcakes iced in pink and decorated, with a Wags the Dog candle and a Dorothy the Dinosaur candle.

On Katelyn's actual birthday, Andrew took the day off work, which was lovely. Missy Moo was so excited about her presents! We got her a Fisher Price tea set, a Wiggles guitar and a Little People zoo train. From friends and relatives she received a fairy dress-up, a puzzle, a little rocker chair and foot stool, and a Wiggles DVD. My parents bought her the chair, plus some clothes, and a matching hat and bag. The evening of her birthday we went out to dinner with my parents, and Katelyn insisted on wearing her new dress complete with bag and hat. The next day she wore her fairy costume when I took Thomas to school!

KatelynKatelyn has gone back to sitting out with me in the dark at night and nursing off to sleep, which I far prefer to trying to wrestle with her in bed. She would just keep crawling around, and it would take AGES for her to settle like that! She still has one nap during the day and wakes usually 3-4 times during the night to nurse. Some nights are much worse, but that is if she is sick, teething or has eaten something new that has upset her little system (the other day she had tried some sultanas, and boy did we suffer that night!) The nursing is still going great, which is wonderful, as my goal had been to make it to at least two years and thereafter for as long as she likes. She is showing some small signs of cutting down a LITTLE during the day, in that if we are out or particularly busy she won't want to nurse quite as often, sometimes going for 2-3 hours in between. I love sharing this closeness with her and look forward to letting her self-wean, as Thomas did.

I have decided to make this my final monthly installment. I want to give my sincere thanks to Maribeth Doerr, who has done a fantastic job and worked so hard over the years putting together my various journals. I also thank you, the readers, especially those of you who have written to me with support, friendship or to share a similar story.

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