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Katey's Pregnancy Journal
Katey and her husband, Errol, are the proud parents of Makenna, age 5. Katey tried for two years and went through infertility treatments and endometriosis surgery before conceiving again. Unfortunately, her second daughter, Livia Joy, died an hour before birth. Katey and Errol conceived again. Labor was induced at 39 weeks and their son, Beckett, was born May 28, 2005, big and healthy!

Katey's Journal Entries

Meet Katey

Week 14
A Doppler Is a Wonderful Thing!

Week 15
TV Watching Bonanza

Week 16
Exit Pants With Zippers

Week 17
Spreading the News

Week 18
Makenna's Seeds of Hope

Week 19
I'm Hungry!

Week 20
Feeling a Bit Nervous

Week 21
A Little Peek Inside

Week 22

Weeks 23 & 24
Iron, Iron, Who's Got the Iron?

Week 25
Getting Better

Week 26
There's a Party Going on 'Round Here

Week 27
So, Is This Your First?

Week 28
Hello Third Trimester!

Weeks 29 & 30
Vacation Time

Week 31
Moving Right Along

Week 32
Houston, We Have a Date!

Week 33
Nighttime Routines

Week 34
A Little Scare

Week 35
Doctor Bonanza

Week 36
Hello May!

Week 37
Mother's Day

Week 38
What's Done is Done

Birth Announcement
Meet Beckett

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