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Week 15 - December 2, 2004
~ TV Watching Bonanza

I know: ALL pregnant women are tired. But I swear, I'm MUCH more tired in this pregnancy than in others. A small example of my most recent fight with fatigue: a good friend invited us to meet her and her children at Coldstone Ice Cream (if you haven't gone, you must!). After speaking with her, all I could think of was the set meeting time was just two hours away! I'd have to get up off of the couch in just 2 hours. I just couldn't imagine summonsing up the energy to get up, put some real clothes on, brush Makenna's hair and make the 5-minute drive to ice cream. Luckily for me, a tearful phone call to Errol allowed him to leave work early and take us. Thank goodness I'm blessed with such a sympathetic husband!

In order to try to beat the fatigue I started taking iron this week of my own accord and have been increasing my protein intake in hopes of gaining energy. I explained to my OB how tired I was and she acknowledged that my iron levels were in the low range of normal and to continue taking iron. Her only other idea as to the cause was that I was 2 years older in this pregnancy! It is comments like this that make me wonder if this REALLY is all medical science has to offer!

Makenna's grown used to this tired spell of mine. Basically, for her it is just a television-free-for-all. I doze on the couch uttering vague comments in response to her: "Sure, Clifford does look sad today honey," all the while hoping Errol will come home and cook for us. Besides unlimited TV, Makenna is trying to get this sprout of a baby in alliance to do her bidding. Today she asked, "Baby, make Mama more tired so she can't brush my hair!".

Hmm... now that I think of it, maybe it isn't lack of iron or protein or my advancing age causing the fatigue. Maybe it is sibling bond forming that will last for a lifetime. All right, that thought makes the fatigue worthwhile.

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