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Katey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16 - December 9, 2004
~ Exit Pants With Zippers

Another development at my last OB appointment was being shown where the top of my uterus is--just an inch or so below my belly button! I know all the books say you should be able to feel it but I never have been able to without getting good directions from someone in a white coat. So, now that I know where it is, I feel for it for reassurance frequently. Now that it has been confirmed for me by a medical professional that that is indeed a uterus with a baby inside and not the result of a lot of Oreo-overindulgence this summer (a long story indeed), I all of a sudden have decided my pants don't fit for a real reason and have donned maternity pants.

Needing maternity clothes is for me, a perfect excuse to clothes shop, something I don't do for myself that often. I've bought a cute pair of jeans in the newer style that have the stretchy part around the entire waist rather than the big front panel thinking they would work for this early stage. And they do work great . . . as long as I'm standing. Once I begin walking, just 3 steps are allowed before they begin falling down. If only they'd come with suspenders I'd be fine.

So, since walking in my cute new jeans doesn't work, I might as well just keep laying on the couch.

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