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Week 19 - December 30, 2004
~ I'm Hungry!

I'd typically describe myself as a girl who appreciates food. I'm always one for a trip out to a restaurant or a chance at a potluck. However, being blessed with morning sickness for the first 18-20 weeks pregnancy puts even a food-lover like me out of commission. I'll eat, but generally don't have any food calling to me. As a result of this and morning sickness, I am still below my pre-pregnancy weight. Since I began this pregnancy about 15 pounds above what I should weigh this isn't a problem.

New Year's Eve was spent with long-time friends. It was a great chance to relax, play cards and chat. But better than all of that was a cream cheese and cranberry CHEESE BALL! That's right, a whole load of calories and deliciousness. All of a sudden the past few months of not really being hungry seemed to just vanish. While everyone was busy enjoying their drinks and toasting the New Year, I keep close company with my newest friend the cheese ball. I'm proud to say that by weekend's end I successfully finished it off (no sense in having leftovers hanging around in the fridge!) and gained 2 pounds. Welcome back hunger!

As a result of my over-eating I worried about going to my OB appointment this week. I had visions of the nurse spying my weight and nodding knowingly: "Ah, the holidays were good to you!" I'm sure most pregnant women go into their appointments after the holidays with the results of a cheese ball or some similar indulgence. However, I don't like to be like everyone else. So, I decided that I'd try to trick those doctor's scales by wearing something very lightweight. Of course, as we are in the middle of a cold snap, this was somewhat of a challenge. With the help of my food scale I managed to find a more lightweight outfit than the jeans and sweater I would normally wear. Turns out I pulled together a "sporty running girl" look according to Makenna. Hooray! Tricking the scales and looking like I've just had a run... double success!

Turns out the 2 pounds of cheese ball were indeed there but I didn't get any comments about holiday over-indulgence. I am pleased to say that I've moved into that boring mode of OB appointments. Leave a sample in the cup, have weight and blood pressure check, quick feel of uterus and a quick listen to the heartbeat is what comes at these middle trimester appointments. And what a relief that is to be just normal! I am thrilled to have a boring 8-minute appointment if it means all is well with this pregnancy and baby.

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