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Week 20 - January 6, 2005
~ Feeling a Bit Nervous

There is no mistaking it now: I'm really pregnant. Up until a few days ago I think my appearance would have left a stranger wondering if I'd enjoyed the candy Santa left for me a bit too much or if I was in a family way. Now, it seems my appearance is screaming that there is a baby on the way! I've just had the first person approach me and ask when I was due. I can't believe the difference in shape my belly has taken on in the past few days. This is such a fun part of pregnancy for me. I really enjoy the big belly part and showing it off to the world. But I have to admit being a bit anxious: this belly seems quite a bit bigger than I remember from this stage. And still we have 4.5 months of growing to go!

Along with the growing belly I seemed to have also gained a baby who is growing in strength. This one has been quieter than I'm use to so the increase in the frequency and intensity of thumps and bumps from the inside has been a welcome change. I've had occasional movements since I was about 15 weeks along but nothing steady. Now I'm getting much more steady movements and I love it. So far the pattern is a few down low and then a few up high and then a long break from movement. The other night I was enjoying a soak in the tub when I felt the first big roll from one side to the other. I looked down just in time to see the movement. There's a BABY moving in there... not only can I feel but now I can SEE the results!

With both Makenna and Livia I've felt movement around 14 weeks: the little flutter here and there that is just a whisper. Very soon though they both started picking up the pace and letting me know they meant business. Each of them had their own way. Makenna was very persistent in her movements. She'd pick a spot and pound with gusto! We even saw her on an ultrasound pounding away over and over again. It turns out her personality is exactly like this. She is incredibly determined and persistent and will work and work at something (or nag and nag at someone!). Livia was different in her movements. She was more of a wild woman. She'd entertain me with huge rolls and random movements all over my belly. I spent a lot of time while pregnant with her trying to figure out just what part of her was hitting me. I was very much looking forward to finding out if her personality would match her movements. I feel very blessed that now I have a new someone inside of me with his or her own way and I am very much looking forward to getting to know that way.

We are scheduled to get another confirmation that I really am pregnant at the end of the week. My 20-week ultrasound is scheduled and I am beginning to get nervous. This will be the first time that someone can tell me that my child isn't perfect. And no one is perfect: I worry too much and Errol can be forgetful. Makenna has a very short temper and has a speech delay. But up until now this baby has been a complete mystery and in my imagination could be the first human on the planet to be perfect. In truth, I'm not hoping for perfection. I'm hoping, like all parents, that we will find that we have a baby free from problems that are observable on an ultrasound. I know that regardless of the outcome of the ultrasound that this baby will continue to be a precious member of our family and we will manage any problems that come our way. But still, I worry.

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