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Week 26: February 17- 23, 2005
~ There's a Party Going on 'Round Here

Well, it is a regular party inside of me. Lots of moving, shaking, and who-knows-what going on in there. This baby apparently has read the recent research stating daily exercise is important for health and isn't about to be left out. As my other two were extremely active, I've been wondering when this baby would start following suit. Boy, it seems we are making up for lost time!

The distinct styles of baby-movement amaze me: I apparently have very unique, creative kids! Makenna was one to choose a spot and stick with it pounding and pounding away. She's like that now: will just continue to wear me down with an idea or opinion. Livia, on the other hand, was all about the huge rolling movements. Twisting, turning and putting on a good show for outside viewers.

I've been waiting for this baby to develop a movement pattern and I'm not disappointed in the unusual approach of this child. This baby seems dead-set on attacking anything in its way. Hipbone? No problem, let's punch it until mom moves (or better yet, schedules a hip-removal surgery to completely remove the problem). Mattress in the way while mom is lying on left side? Start furiously punching the offending bed until mom rolls to the other side. Oh, wait, must punch that side now. Glass balanced on the top of the belly (a perk to being this far along in pregnancy!)? Must kick and kick and kick. Sister snuggling mom? Must move her out of the way too by pounding away. All in all, we've got a very industrious baby.

All of this is very reassuring to a nervous mom like me... I can nearly always move into a position that darling baby doesn't like and get a reaction. But oftentimes, when I have begun to think that I haven't felt baby in a little while, I don't even have to go that far. I often can just think to myself: "move little one" and am obliged by my cooperative child. Aren't I an amazing mom? Baby is already perfectly obedient before taking the first breath! Must mean potty-training will be a snap!

This stage of pregnancy is such a joy to me. I really enjoy the movements from the baby and the bond we are forming right now. It is fun to watch my growing belly and speculate just what is going on in there. As I know from past experience that movements do slow down and change in the last few weeks of pregnancy, I'm being extra mindful to really enjoy this time while I have it.

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