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Week 28: March 3 - 9, 2005
~ So, Is This Your First?

Wow! Here we are! The beginning of the third trimester! I'm very surprised to be here and frankly, thrilled to have made it this far in pregnancy. Crossing over into this trimester seems like a significant milestone to me. My friend's twin daughters were born at just 2 lbs at about 28 weeks. Now, they are happy and healthy 2.5 year olds. So this point it pregnancy makes me feel like I'm really somewhere and the baby is at a point where, if delivered early, there is a high probability that the baby could be just fine.

I hadn't been reading in my weekly pregnancy guide for the past few weeks but picked it up this weekend. Amazing: there's a 2.5 pound, 15.5 inch baby inside of me! This kiddo is really growing. I knew babe was getting bigger (as evidenced by strong movements I've been feeling) but hadn't really put a quantity to it. Now, I'm so impressed with the growing that has been going on.

The countdown to due date has really begun for me. Since it is likely I'll be induced about a week early that means I have only about 11 weeks until I can hold and snuggle this little one. 11 weeks! That is only 77 more days! Errol laughs at my day countdown because he thinks 11 weeks seems much more "manageable" than 77 days. Ha! Easy for him to say . . . he's not the one pregnant! Makenna is interested in the countdown as well and asks everyday how many more days until our baby gets born. (Of course, the outdoor swimming pool will open within a few days of this baby's arrival and I'm suspicious that is really the information she is looking for, along with the arrival of her sibling.)

Now that the end is in sight (alright, so it is pretty far, but a girl can hope!) we have to really crack down and choose a name for this baby. This has never come easily for us. Probably because I like about 1000 names and Errol likes about 2. It is a little hard to meet in the middle with statistics like that. Our typical roles mean I throw out a name and get answered back with thrilling comments like: "No." or "Uh . . . no." Now, add Makenna into the mix and it becomes a regular comedy act. We are privy to what this baby will face in kindergarten as we have the perspective of a 5-year old. The funniest example: I found the name 'Beckett' that really felt right to me. I got more than a "no" from Errol (I think it was a "Huh. Maybe.") and then tried it out on Makenna. From her, peals of laughter. "Mama! That sounds like 'bucket'!" So, Beckett/bucket is out and we will continue on our search. It is a good thing we have 77 more days . . . we are sure going to need them!

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