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Katey's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 29 & 30: March 10 - 23, 2005
~ Vacation Time

The last few weeks have just flown by. We've been so busy that I've been neglecting everything, including this journal!

We were fortunate to be able to go on a trip to California for nine days. The first three days were for a trade show for our business. Normally, Errol and I go together and spend three days walking the exhibit hall and looking for new products. It is a tiring but exciting time. This year, however, we decided to have Makenna go with us on the trip. Since children aren't allowed into the trade show, we each took turns being at the show. This was nice for me as it meant I only had to walk the show for half of each day. The second half of the day I was able to hang out with Makenna at the hotel and do a little shopping. We enjoyed lots of yummy food we don't get in our small town…heaven for a pregnant girl!

Then, we surprised Makenna with a trip to Disneyland. She'd been two years ago for one day while we were on this same trip and has wanted to go again. We waited until the day before we were to go and she was so very surprised! It was wonderful to see her little excited face. At Disneyland we stayed off site at a nice hotel within walking distance. This meant a 15-minute walk to get into the maingate. (Know it could have been faster if a 5-year old and a 29-week pregnant woman weren't the major particiants!) Over the course of three days we spent 34 hours at both parks. I'm so impressed with my stamina and energy level. As I couldn't go on the 'big' rides I did some sitting while waiting for Errol and Makenna. We all slept well at night because of our busy days, me especially!

Following Disneyland we went to San Diego to visit good friends. The weather was mixed so we mainly just rested and chatted. We did get to spend two afternoons on the beach in La Jolla and brought a little suntan back to Oregon with us. After arriving back home we spent a couple of days just getting caught up on sleep from the trip. It is harder travelling while this pregnant than I thought it might be. But, I'm glad we had another trip together, just the three of us.

Right before we left on our trip we had another ultrasound to look for the cyst in the baby's brain that was found in our 20-week ultrasound. We are very relieved: nothing could be found at all at this ultrasound. Hooray!! The tech took about 25 images of the brain from different angles and compared them to the previous scan. I feel that she was very thorough and feel that if a cyst were still there it would have been found. It is nice to be able to cross that worry off of our list.

I loved seeing the baby on the ultrasound this time. I could barely believe the size difference between a 20-weeker and a 28-weeker. It was certainly noticeable even on ultrasound! The baby cooperated and we got some beautiful profile views. Our favorite was when baby had one hand by its face and a foot up over the head! Just goes to show that the kicks and pushes I feel could be caused by any body part! What a flexable little one we have! We were able to confirm gender at this ultrasound too. At our first one the tech thought she got a view but wasn't confident. We had the same tech this time and since baby had a foot up over its head, it was easy to see what we are having. I know there can be mistakes made but since we had the perfect angle on several occasions I feel very confident that the gender is confirmed.

So, do you want to know what we are having?? Curious?? We are having a……


We've decided to enjoy knowing what we are having but we are keeping it a secret. Since we didn't find out with either Makenna or Livia, it is a fun change to know what we are expecting. I have really been trying to find ways to make this pregnancy a little different than my past two and this certainly has done it. We've had lots of people ask and most aren't surprised to find out that we aren't telling. I guess our friends and family have grown use to us not finding out the gender and it doesn't seem to surprise most folks that we know but aren't telling. Of course, there are those who are driven completely crazy by the fact that WE know and THEY don't, but to Errol, that is all part of the fun. He is enjoying his role in the secret and is having fun tormenting people.

About two months from now baby will be here and we will let you all in on our little secret. Until then, we will walk around with a little smile on our faces.

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