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Week 31: March 24 - 30, 2005
~ Moving Right Along

It sure feels nice to have some energy back. I'm not sure what did it: the extra iron, some vacation time, or just a change in pregnancy hormones, but it makes me very happy. I feel like my old self again! A few weeks ago I could handle just about one thing a day, say a trip to the grocery store, and then I'd be about worn out for the remainder of the day. But the past few weeks have allowed me to be much more active.

As a result of this activity, time in pregnancy-land is sure moving much more quickly. I guess when your days are filled with activity rather than couch-time it makes sense that time would move more quickly. Fast moving time is what I want... bring birth and the baby! This week was a busy one, filled mostly with fun events. We celebrated Errol's 35th birthday with a day trip to the beach and aquarium. It is always nice to have a day as a family and we all enjoyed being together. Unfortunately, work called with a computer problem and we had to return earlier than planned. But, after the problem was solved, we had a nice birthday meal and enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Also this week I spent a whole day with my sister and nephew. Speaking of time flying, he is getting set to turn one in April. That is amazing to me! It makes me a bit sad: it seems like just weeks ago he was this tiny, helpless newborn. And now he is crawling and cruising all around in preparation for walking. He has quite the vocabulary with 'doggie' and 'go' being pretty popular words for him. How can it happen that a baby can go from unable to hold his own head up to pointing out doggies (with some degree of accuracy) within a year? It makes me really want to appreciate each moment we will have with our baby during the first year. Of course, I know in reality that we will be sleep-deprived and adjusting to a new person in our house, but I think that keeping this in mind will help me enjoy infanthood more.

Thinking toward bringing a baby home, I've been slowly gathering a few baby clothes. We don't need much as we have loads of gender-neutral newborn clothes. But, each baby needs his/her special clothes and since I know the gender this time I can shop for something other than green or yellow. Every few days I like to sneak into the spare room where I have the clothes in a drawer and play with them. I love to just look at them, unfold and refold them and imagine what the person who will be wearing them will look like and be like. Some of the clothes seem so very tiny: impossible for me to believe that Makenna was ever tiny enough to fit her way into them. And at the same time, those same clothes look so HUGE: impossible for me to believe that a person will soon be coming out of me and will be big enough (or nearly big enough) to fit them. I think about the exit route baby must take and it makes me a little, well, queasy. I love labor and feel confident in my ability to birth a baby but there are sure moments where I'm doing the math and picturing a head coming out and I remember just how miraculous and horrifying it is that something that size can come out of a regular woman. Eeek!

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