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Week 38: May 12 - 18, 2005
~ What's Done is Done

Well, we did it. We took the leap of faith, the plunge, and the risk. We set up the nursery this weekend. I had sworn all along that I would wait until this baby was delivered safe and sound and brought home from the hospital before setting up the nursery.

It started innocently enough, with washing those loads of laundry and putting them in the drawers. Then, I got a little bee in my bonnet to organize all of Makenna's and my craft supplies. They were in the garage, the office (now nursery), a kitchen cupboard, and the laundry room cupboards. Basically, craft stuff strewn all over the house. I found a large assemble-it-yourself cabinet that fit perfectly in our laundry room. So, organizing the craft materials lead to emptying out part of the office closet. Once it was partway complete Errol figured we should just keep packing up the rest of the closet. Then, he moved the furniture out (with help from my brother) and steam cleaned the rugs.

By this point Makenna was all sorts of excited about setting up the nursery. She kept asking and we kept avoiding the decision. But the room looked so forlorn all empty and proud with its clean carpet. After having a good cry in the room I caved in and we started bringing in the goodies. I have to admit that I love our nursery decorations and it is fun to see it all set up.

Now that it is done, I'm glad we set the room up. It was a huge hurdle for me to do so and I'm very proud that we accomplished this step. It is a beautiful room done in green and white gingham with yellow accents. A quilt made by a friend and a curtain panel with an ABC theme completes the room. Rocker is in place, diapers are at the ready; it is all ready for our baby.

However, what appears NOT all ready for our baby is my body. (Although my mind and heart sure are!) This week was my second-to-last doctor's visit so I asked to get checked to see if I was beginning to dilate or efface. This is important because we have our induction scheduled for May 28th. A ripe cervix means an easier and safer induction. With Makenna I was already about 3 cm by this point in pregnancy. With Livia I didn't ever get checked but assumed that I was dilated due to the many early contractions I'd had and how fast her labor was.

This baby, however, is presenting a different story. So far there is only about 50% effacement and no dilation. Not what we want to hear in order for a successful induction. I go back next week for another fetal monitoring session and check. I'm thinking positive thoughts and keeping my fingers crossed that there will be some positive change.

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