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Kathy's Pregnancy Journal
Jeff and Kathy
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Kathy's pregnancy journal.

Kathy (34) and her husband, Jeff, have been married nearly five years. They started trying for their first baby last summer but were sidelined due to Kathy experiencing a detached retina which included five surgeries. In December, they were given the green light and happily received a positive pregnancy test in January. Their first baby, Gabriel William, was born October 2, 2009 at 39 weeks.

Read along with Kathy as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week.

Kathy's Journal Entries

Meet Kathy

Week 4
Baby News

Week 5
What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Week 6
Valentine's Day, Tossed Cookies, and Dead Presidents

Week 7
Another Week, Another Nap

Week 8
Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Week 9
The Strange Disappearance of Katherine Y

Week 10
Parties, Naps and Weight Control

Week 11
To the Beat of the Rhythm of the Heart

Week 12
Leaping Baby

Week 13
And Honey Is Bee Vomit

Week 14
Concerning Hobbits

Week 15
Popcorn Ants, Fried Alligator and Exponential Growth

Week 16
Here Comes the Sun with Naps

Week 17
Puppies and Me

Week 18
If I Only Had a Brain

Week 19
Spoiler Alert!

Week 20
Shopping & Showers

Week 21
Slight Discomfort

Week 22
The Family Leprechaun

Week 23
Open Mouth; Insert Foot

Week 24

Week 25
Home Sweet Home

Week 26
Burn Baby, Burn!

Week 27
Growth Spurt

Week 28
A Foot's Lament

Week 29
The One Ring

Week 30 Stupid

Week 31
Busy as a Bee

Week 32
Night of the Birthing Dread

Week 33
Getting Things Ready

Week 34
Getting Ready

Week 35

Week 36
The Waiting Game

Week 37
The News and the Blues

Birth Story
Three Is a Magic Number

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