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Week 10
~ Parties, Naps and Weight Control

It's time for a party. It's time for a reemergence to the world. It's also time for a nap. Jeff and I attended a party at one of his coworker's house. It was in honor of some perspective graduate students so there was a mixture of faculty and students. The house was packed and I had trouble standing both due to my eye (balance issues with crowded areas) and with my fatigue.

I did well most of the time we were there. I sat patiently on the couch while waiting for the food to be served. I was sitting there like a starving dog with drool hanging down from my mouth. I was too ravished to think about napping. However, after the meal my head bobbed a couple of times and I finally told Jeff it was time to go. I dozed on the drive home and then went immediately to bed.

I stepped on the scale Saturday morning. It was time. I nearly had a heart attack. I had gained seven pounds. I'm only supposed to gain three the first trimester. I was ashamed at myself. I was also craving a Cookies -n- Cream Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Still, I marched myself into the living room and announced to my husband that we were having fish, steamed vegetables and rice that night for dinner. I was determined to maintain until I caught up to the weight I was supposed to be. However, doing so was going to prove difficult.

The next week at work, there were two lunches. I did well at the first by ordering a grilled chicken salad. Later in the week was more difficult as we ate at a barbeque place that didn't offer such choices. I ordered what I wanted, but controlled my portion.

At home, I spent the week eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting out the extra snacks I was having. I was making healthier choices and eating a little bit less. It worked. It worked a little too well. When I stepped on the scale at the end of the week, I had lost two pounds. I guess it will take me a couple of weeks to figure it out.

~ Kathy

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