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Week 11
~ To the Beat of the Rhythm of the Heart

What a start to week eleven. Jeff and I both took off of work for the day in preparation for our first prenatal doctor's visit. We arrived at the office, filled out paperwork and were ushered back to speak with the nurse and doctor. We spent the next hour answering questions and asking them. We discussed in detail whether or not I need to have a Caesarean due to my eye since I'm at high risk for detached retinas. I prefer not to have one, but it was decided that I'll need to talk to my eye doctor regarding the risk. After all, I only have one functional eye. We decided to go ahead with the first trimester screening and signed all the paperwork for that. At the end of the lengthy discussion, we were brought into an examination room and hooked up to the Doppler to listen to the heartbeat.

It took the doctor awhile to find it and I found that I was holding my breath in anticipation. After about two minutes of searching, a pit formed in my stomach. What's wrong? Nothing; he found it shortly afterward and neither Jeff nor I could keep from smiling. I was trying not to laugh just so we could listen longer. The heartbeat was fast and strong. That's my Bump.

We finished up the visit with a gynecological exam and the scheduling of our next visit. Afterwards, Jeff and I headed over to the lab for blood work. I didn't realize we'd be walking into the lair of a sadist. When we arrived, no one was in the waiting room and a receptionist was working away at the front desk. Jeff and I waited for an hour before the receptionist, who apparently was also the nurse, got up and called me into the back room to take my samples. You've got to be kidding, right? Nope, she made us wait an hour for no reason that we could fathom.

Next, the nurse decided to pick the smallest vein in my right arm. I had two nice big and pulsating veins to either side, but apparently they weren't small enough. After the needle enters and she inserts the first vial, the blood splatters a little into it and then stops. She wiggles the needle. A little more blood spurts into it. I suggest finding another vein. Oh no, she says, this one will do fine. Really? Because we'll be here all day at this rate.

We were there over fifteen minutes in fact. For only ten vials of blood, no less! I spotted Jeff hovering wondering what was taking so long. He had heard the nurse ask me many times if I was okay. Finally, it was over. I could only imagine the bruise that would form on my arm in the morning. We left there as quickly as possible, with me grumbling all way home.

The rest of the weekend was nice. Jeff and I took walks all three days. The bruise on my arm turned a nice shade of purple. When I look at it, I think "My, what great team spirit I have" as one of LSU's school colors is purple. We called the rest of my family and Jeff's to tell them of our news. Everyone was excited and we got a lot of advice; all different of course. I was still feeling tired and still going to bed early, but the memory of the baby's heartbeat always brought a smile to my face.

The next week at work was busy. Our first prenatal screening was scheduled for April 1st. I spoke with my boss and the human resources department about my pregnancy and maternity leave. I was told we have plenty of time before we have to fill out any paperwork. Jeff and I spent the rest of the week notifying friends of our news and we decided to plan a party to celebrate. Hopefully, I won't be falling asleep at this one.

~ Kathy

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