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Week 12
~ Leaping Baby

It finally arrived, the last week of my first trimester. I am looking forward to no more fatigue, no more pimples, and no more nausea. So, far, those three friends of mine have stuck to me like glue; the industrial strength. I desperately feel like I need a vacation from this pregnancy. Still, the weekend proved relaxing and news of my father's successful recovery gave me the energy to concentrate a little bit more on my husband, of whom I've been neglecting these past two months.

We decided to have a fish fry this weekend. I was excited because it's not often we get to eat seafood in Indiana. Little did I know that my body would reject the frying part of the catfish, and hushpuppies, and French Fries. I woke up Sunday morning with what I can only describe as a fish fry hangover.

Monday was difficult. It seems that Mondays are always my worst day of the week. This doesn't make sense to me. I am coming from a weekend where all I usually do is sleep so it would seem to me that I should be all recharged come Monday. I thought about going home, but was able to tough out the rest of the day.

When I arrived home, I received paperwork in the mail from the Prenatal Screening Clinic. Our appointment is at two o'clock on Wednesday. The letter stated that our appointment time isn't necessarily the time we will be seen due to the nature of the clinic. I am not looking forward to spending hours upon hours waiting in the clinic. I need to remember to bring a good book.

Our first trimester screening which screens for Down Syndrome went rather well. The ultrasound came back reassuring, as in the words of the nurses, technicians and doctors. Our blood test results will be back in another week, but everyone is optimistic. I had to concentrate hard not to laugh during the ultrasound as our kid was constantly jumping, thereby making it difficult for the technician to get any readings. We could see his legs kicking furiously; this kid would not sit still. This is definitely my child.

Our reassuring appointment seemed to lift my mood somewhat. I'd been in a sour mood most of the week. I'm still waiting for this fatigue to lift, my nausea to subside and my face to clear and my hair and nails to transform into the beauty of the gods. I think I'll go stare at our ultrasound pictures now.

~ Kathy

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