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Week 13
~ And Honey Is Bee Vomit

Finally, the second trimester arrives with new surprises and gifts for me. This week at work, I was bombarded by overpowering smells ranging from perfume to paint which sent me running to the bathroom where I finally did leave an offering to the porcelain goddess. To add insult to injury, however, I was experiencing the common round ligament pain which greatly inhibited my mobility and slowed my mad dash for the bathroom temple. It didn't help that I can be quite the klutz and usually trip along the way. However, the universal sign of prayer (holding my hand over my mouth while clutching my stomach) seemed to give everybody a clue to get the hell out of my way.

On the home front, the news of our newly posted ultrasound pictures swept through our family and friends like the plague. Soon, Jeff and I were receiving phone calls and emails of congratulations. The sweet and endearing sentiments ranged from "there is no greater joy being with child" to "Pregnancy is fun". I thought back on my frequent trips to the bathroom that day. Pregnancy, fun? Fiddle-de-de, fun for you men, you mean.

I was overly amazed at the range of emotions I felt this week. I could be laughing one minute and sobbing the next. One night while experiencing an overall contentment for the world, I nestled onto the couch with my dogs to watch Highlander, which is one of my favorite movies. Within the hour I found myself sobbing like a baby over Heather's death scene. Not even a minute later, I found myself laughing at my response. I went from contentment to sobbing to laughter all within a couple of minutes. As a result, that swing in emotion left me slightly ill and I ran towards the bathroom.

As I hovered over the cold ceramic bowl, I reflected upon all the sweet sayings my friends had given me to sooth my frustration. The most recent saying sprang to my mind, "The sweetest thing in life is carrying the miracle of life inside you." As I sat staring at my reflection in the water of the toilet bowl, I thought "Oh yeah? And Honey is Bee Vomit." I then expelled the rest of my stomach contents into the bowl. Oh well, after all, tomorrow is another day.

~ Kathy

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