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Week 16
~ Here Comes the Sun with Naps

I woke up early Saturday morning to birds singing, the sun shining and a warm breeze flowing through our room. Spring had finally arrived and I was ready to plant flowers. I'm still dealing with fatigue. It hasn't gone away and the nausea is still with me too. So, doing anything can be a chore. In fact, Saturday was spent napping in between completing various house projects. But by late afternoon I was knee deep in potting soil trying to pot my marigolds, geraniums and petunias. I was making quite the mess, but I'm not as agile as I used to be with Bump slowly inching his way outward in my belly. It took me a little longer than usual as well and I had to use I a wheelbarrow to transport all my pots to the back deck. Afterwards, I was utterly exhausted and I still had dinner to cook. This weekend was me and Jeff's fifth anniversary, and I spent most of it napping.

I was able to enjoy Sunday by reading out on the deck and looking at all the flowers I planted the day before. Still, I had to lay down and take a nap later in the afternoon. My puppies piled on top of me which made the nap all the sweeter and I couldn't help but imagine children piled there in the years to come.

This week at work has been tough. I'm not sure why it seems I've regressed a bit, but I have. I even dropped a couple of pounds. Our next doctor's appointment is in a couple of weeks and I think I'll probably ask my doctor for the anti-nausea medicine he's been trying to get me to take. I just didn't want to take any drugs whatsoever during my pregnancy, but if I can't put on weight, then I'll need to bite the bullet and take it.

I'm still optimistic that next week will be better. But Spring is here and it's very hard to be negative with my beautiful flowers smiling at me from their decorative pots. I only have a few weeks and I'll be half way through this pregnancy.

~ Kathy

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