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Week 17
~ Puppies and Me

A little over a month ago, our dog Simba had to have minor surgery where a lump was removed. The lump was just a fatty deposit, but it was big enough to need a rather large incision. Our job was to keep Simba from pulling his stitches out so that the gash could heal properly. This small task posed a challenged for me and Jeff and our lack of attention to a recovering dog drew a small worry from me. If we can't manage a dog, how are we going to take care of a baby?

When Simba returned to the vet for a checkup this past week, in which he was supposed to have his stitches removed (the two remaining out of twenty), the vet insisted we have him stapled. His cut wasn't infected, but it was not closing properly. So the staples were put in and I took Simba home, embarrassed that I could not manage a boo-boo such as his.

I love my dogs, but they are a handful, especially Kuru. Kuru is smart, stubborn and very sneaky. Somehow, Kuru always manages to sneak into my sock drawer or the trash can in which it takes me a full hour before I realize he's tracked spaghetti sauce over half the house. This past week was no exception with a pen.

I was dutifully writing in our baby book and placed the book and pen on the coffee table. I looked straight at Kuru and said "Leave It" in a very commanding tone. He just turned his back to me and flattened his ears to let me know he really wasn't all that interested anyway. I know that I should have put the pen away immediately, but I was too tired and I preferred to lay on the couch while Bump kicked me from all directions. I thought that since I was sitting right in front of the pen, I'd be able to stop Kuru if he went for it. I don't know exactly when it happened and I'm not quite sure how he managed to pull it off, but when I reached for my eye drops, which was supposed to be next to the pen, I noticed the pen missing. Then, I noticed that Kuru was missing too.

The problem with Kuru when he's quiet is that, he's usually up to something. The problem with when he's up to something is that he never comes when called and I have to go hunt for him. I searched his common hideouts; behind the couch, and under our bed but could not find him. I looked outside, in every room even the ones with the door closed. No Kuru. I tried coaxing him by yelling "Cookie," but that only drew the slobbering attention of Simba, who was supposed to resting and healing on the couch. It also added to the melee as he bounced around me while we hunted for his brother. Asking Simba to go find Kuru only drew a confused looked and then a head butt into my stomach to let me know he was enjoying our game. He was too excited and I spent the next five minutes trying to calm him down so he wouldn't pop out the staples he just received.

By this time, I was tired and in a little bit of pain due to Simba's attentions so I returned to the living room to sit down for a few minutes before I resumed my search. There was Kuru sitting on the couch with ink all over his paws and face. However, the pen was still missing. I cleaned Kuru as best I could and started looking for the pen. I thought I'd be able to find it by following ink stains on the carpet, but there were none. Two weeks ago, a half used can of frosting that I threw away went missing. I knew Kuru had fished it out as he was covered in icing. I'm still looking for it just as I assume I'll still be looking for that pen two weeks from now.

Thinking back on these small incidents with my dogs makes me wonder just what type of new adventures Bump will add to our household. I mean, if we can't watch a mere dog or take care of one properly, how will we fare in the world of parenthood? Either way, it will definitely make for an interesting life.

~ Kathy

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