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Week 18
~ If I Only Had a Brain

This past week proved most challenging in regards to trying to use brain cells. My absentmindedness never seemed to let me down. It started early for me in week 18. As Jeff and I ran errands we forgot to take care of the recyclables, the dry cleaning, and we even overlooked items on our grocery list.

Iím not sure if the fatigue Iím still experiencing is from this pregnancy or from the fact I havenít been sleeping well. Storms raged war upon our sleepy town almost every night this week, which kept me from getting a good nightís sleep. One morning as I reached for the phone in my purse, I pulled out a jar of peanut butter instead. That in itself was odd, but what even made it stranger was the fact I hadnít eaten peanut butter all week.

We had another doctorís appointment on Tuesday for a checkup. I came into work earlier than usual to make up the time and reminded everyone that I would be leaving shortly after lunch. Later, as my boss was leaving for lunch he said "Bye, Kathy. See you tomorrow." I was dumbfounded. I responded by asking "Where are you going?" as he hadnít notified anyone that heíd be leaving early that day. When he told me that it was me who was leaving, it took a couple of seconds for me to register that he was correct. I made a frantic dash out the door worried that Iíd be arriving late to our appointment.

Luckily, I arrived on time. The checkup went well. The doctor was pleased with my health and Bump's heartbeat was strong. The doctor even remarked how wonderful it was that Bump was so active. We have our ultrasound in a few days where we will find out the sex of Bump. Now, if I can only remember where I need to go.

~ Kathy

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