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Week 20
~ Shopping & Showers

For memorial day weekend, Jeff and I spent a few days bargain shopping for nursery furniture and miscellaneous other stuff we'll need such as bedding and baby monitors. Crawfordsville is a small town so our adventure started Friday after lunch in the slightly bigger town of Lafayette. There's a store there called Once Upon a Child that sells used baby accessories and furniture. There was only a crib for sale there and not much else in the way of baby furniture so we stopped by the mall and K-Mart making sure to write down the prices of the items we were looking for. I also bought a few maternity pants. I'm finally starting to show and my pants are getting a little tight in the belly area.

By Sunday, we had a good idea where were going to get what we wanted for a bargain price. We placed an online order at Walmart Sunday evening and should be getting our furniture within the next couple of weeks.

The most exciting news for me was that Jeff was finally able to feel the baby move. Once again his reaction was indifferent as it was when I announced our pregnancy. He showed more excitement about the G.I. Joe movie coming out. I should buy Bump a G.I. Joe Action Figure, but I'm afraid I might find Jeff secretly playing with it.

We spent the rest of the week clearing out the library to turn it into a nursery. I lamented giving up the extra closet space, but as soon as I started hanging up the baby clothes my mother had sent me, I was no longer sad. I shoved as many clothes as I could into garbage bags to drop off at Goodwill and the rest I placed in plastic boxes in the hopes that I will return to my former figure not too long after Bump is born.

Jeff and I do not live near family. Our nearest friends in Indiana are over an hour away. I never felt the distance as I do now. I've been a little melancholy over the idea of being unable to celebrate this pregnancy with anyone else on a much closer scale. Jeff was bereft as he sat holding my hand while I sobbed hysterically that I had no friends to throw me a baby shower. Suddenly, my mother was there to the rescue, as always. Her brilliant idea has brightened my spirits. She decided to throw me a virtual baby shower. The execution was simple. We bought baby shower invitations and specified the date as anytime before October. The location was anywhere. We put in details on how to contact us and where we were registered. The invitations went out and Jeff and I spent the next few nights stocking up our registry with all the recommended supplies. I may not get to share hugs and kisses or participate in the fun filled games that accompany a shower, but at least I feel a little closer now that the phone calls and emails are starting to pour in. I feel a little bit more in touch with everyone again. It shouldn't surprise me that I turned to the virtual world to spread a little bit more sunshine into my life. After all, I am a Digital Mom.

~ Kathy

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