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Week 24
~ Aloha!

Jeff and I spent Week 24 in Oahu. It was a great vacation and the pregnancy didn't seem to slow me down at all. We arrived a little after noon on Saturday (6 pm EST) and drove up to the windward side of the island where our bed and breakfast was located. We didn't do much that day because we were tired from almost sixteen hours of travel. We ate an early lunch and then were off to bed.

The next day, we visited Pearl Harbor where we spent most of the day. I proudly wore my "Mom in Training" football jersey and Jeff got congratulated with "Happy Father's Day" frequently. We were finished by early afternoon and needed time to kill before heading off to supper. We decided to hike the Diamond Head Crater that boasted of fantastic views. The travel brochure read it was only three quarters of a mile and seven hundred and fifty feet. We figured an hour would be plenty of time to hike up, take pictures and then head back down for dinner. Diamond Head; however, is the perfect example of looks that can be deceiving.

With our water in tow, we set a relaxing pace. The surface was paved and not too steep of an incline. Not too far later, though, the terrain turned rocky and much steeper. Being pregnant and blind in one eye slowed our pace considerably. A long while later, the rocky terrain ended at the foot of some very steep stairs. You've got to be kidding me? There were ninety-nine steps and I did them all only to be faced with a long dark tunnel at the end. After the long dark tunnel, in which I was completely blind, we finally made it to a spiral staircase. Just wait folks, it doesn't end there. After climbing four stories, crawling through and up some caves we finally made it to some more rocky terrain. After threading our way through that, all we had to do was climb a final set of stairs and make our way up a ladder for the views. After all that and managing not to go into preterm labor, I deserve a parade. One that will be held with me sitting in a car, not walking. Still, the views were breath taking. It was definitely worth the hike.

We spent Monday morning touring Dole's Pineapple Plantation and then drove up the North Shore before heading back to Honolulu for Jeff's conference. While Jeff was attending meetings in the afternoon, I strolled around Waikiki beach then picked him up for dinner. Over the next two days while Jeff was at his conference, I played around various beaches and scenic points about the island. I even visited a macadamia nut farm. Oahu isn't a big island so I saw a lot in the few hours I had by myself.

Jeff had to get up around five in the morning on Tuesday for his conference. He set the alarm the previous night and when it blasted off in the early morning, I felt Bump jolt awake inside my belly. Immediately following that upset, he started hiccuping. I rubbed and patted my belly for ten minutes trying to stop his hiccups all the while laughing softly over the cuteness factor. Jeff and I were still enjoying the sentiment later that day and I felt our family bond grow a little stronger. All over something a simple as hiccups.

Jeff was finally finished on Thursday and went spent the morning snorkeling around Hanauma Bay Nature Park. The water was shallow and it was over crowded so we didn't spend too much time there. We packed up and headed back to Kailua for some sea kayaking and snorkeling. We ran across a sea turtle on our snorkeling adventure! Afterwards, we packed up our gear and prepared for the Paradise Cove Luau.

The Luau was fun and entertaining. We got exposure to the Hawaiian culture, learned how to hula and crack open a coconut. There was a wide variety of food there and the desserts were excellent. It was a good show and Jeff and I really enjoyed ourselves. However, by the end of the night we were exhausted so we trekked back to the windward side of the island for some good sleep.

Week 24 ended on that Friday as we prepared to make our way back to the mainland. Hawaii was a nice, relaxing and unexpected trip that I'm glad I got to share with Jeff and Bump. I don't know if we'll ever be back but it was worth the trip.

~ Kathy
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