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Week 25
~ Home Sweet Home

Week Twenty-Five started out with me being stuck on a plane for ten hours flying back from Hawaii. A few hours in, I noticed my feet were swelling. By the end of the trip, my feet and legs were so swollen that you couldn't even see my ankles. I tried getting up frequently during the flight, but I'm not sure it really helped. I had no place too prop up my legs.

We left Hawaii around 10 PM on Friday and didn't arrive home until after 4 PM on Saturday. We had been up for 36 hours with only a few twenty minutes naps here and there on the plane. I was exhausted. After I got home, we unpacked our essentials, ate, showered and then I went to bed propping my legs up on some extra pillows. Jeff checked on me a few hours later to make sure the swelling in my legs and feet had lessened. The last thing I wanted was to end our vacation with a trip to the Emergency Room.

By the next morning, my feet and legs were back to their normal size. I was relieved. Still, I was exhausted and slept most of Sunday only getting up every now in then to do another load of laundry. Because of my utter exhaustion, not much was done this past week. I reluctantly returned to work and tried to work through my brain fog. I only had a week until the plant shutdown for two weeks so I knew that if I could just hold out for another week then I'd finally be able to rest properly.

Bump was as active as ever. Even though I was tired, he was inventing new games in my tummy. I'm sure the one called "Spin around as fast as you can until Mommy pukes" was his favorite of the week. I can only imagine what this child will be like as a toddler. I don't think I'll ever rest. I should enjoy the hours of precious sleep I get now.

~ Kathy

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