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Week 27
~ Growth Spurt

We had another doctor's appointment on Friday. It was the first appointment of our third trimester and I'm so glad we're in the final home stretch. I had a gestational diabetes test which came back negative. My health has been fantastic this pregnancy and seems to be holding. The doctor said Bump is developing nicely and we shouldn't have anything to worry about. Of course, I still worry because I know there are things that can't be tested for.

I spent much of this week napping. It happens whenever I go through a periodic growth spurt. Sure enough, when I finally started feeling better at the end of the week, I noticed that I had grown some. Unfortunately, that means my bra no longer fits. Now I have to play the guessing game again as to what size I am and how much I will grow by the time my bra comes in.

It's also about the time for me to start looking at nursing bras. There's only one place on line that even comes close to my size. I've had lots of friends try to give me advice on where to bra shop. Unfortunately, stores (any store) does not have my size. Not JCPenney's, not Sears, not Nordstrom's, not Sacs. The only place I can find is a place in England. That's right, outside the United States. I order from them online and usually get my bras within 3 to 6 weeks. And just in case you think you know of a store that carries large cup sizes with small bands sizes, I'll tell you if they don't have anything larger than a 36H; don't bother.

Not much else took place this week. I start work back up next week and am hoping that my next growth spurt isn't for a while yet. The fatigue from that is overwhelming. For now, I'll survive, but not without another nap.

~ Kathy

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