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Week 29
~ The One Ring

As I near my eighth month, I'm noticing a lot more changes in my body. I hear from my husband about every two or three days how huge I'm getting. I definitely seem to be growing at a more rapid pace this last trimester than the previous two put together. My feet and fingers are more sore and swollen at the end of the day and the fatigue seems to be back for another visit as well. My workouts are getting less frequent and my moods are starting swing more widely. Add all of these together and you get another scene out of Tolkien's master piece involving the One Ring.

I was walking out to my car after I got off of work. The walk is somewhat long and seems longer each week as my belly grows. I'm usually waddling pretty heavily by the end of the day. My belly feels like I'm carrying a bowling ball and my feet feel like I'm tromping around in clown shoes. My skin feels taut and itchy in every area of my body and I find myself scratching frequently no matter how much lotion I apply. While I was walking, the skin around my collar bone was bothering me so I reached up to scratch the area. As I brought my hand away, the necklace that I'd been using to hold my wedding ring came apart in my hand. I looked at the chain and did not see my wedding ring. Panic seized me and I froze. Less than two feet from me lay a storm drain which represented Mt. Doom itself. I imagined the molten hot lava flowing at the bottom of the drain only too eager to swallow up my ring.

As people moved around me, seemingly unconscious of my plight, I screamed out "Alright, nobody move," which of course meant to them, "Keep moving, only walk faster. Oh, and stare dumbly at me without asking what the matter is." They were orks and trolls all of them and they were diminishing my chances of finding my ring. If I could have brandished Glamdring at the moment and chopped them down to avoid them kicking my lost ring into the gutter, I would have.

I was still scared to move because the ring might have fallen onto my clothing. I slowly removed my jacket and started patting myself down. I didn't want to move in any direction for fear of kicking the ring into the drain. No ring appeared after the pat down and I found myself staring intently at my breasts. If it fell in there, it would take quite some time and digging to retrieve it. I briefly considering the possibility of going in after it right where I stood as people swarmed around me. What would they think of a pregnant thirty five year old woman standing in the parking lot digging in her chest?

Just as I was about to make that life altering decision, a co-worker emerged from the fray and asked me if I'd forgotten something. It was at that point, the calm-self assured me, lost it. Tears spilled forth and I sobbed "I lost my wedding ring!" I'm sure I scared the hell out of my co-worker as he has never seen me in such a state. He promised to help me look for it and immediately marched over to the storm drain. We both looked around (I was still standing motionless) and neither of us saw a thing. It was at that point that I decided to retrace my steps all the way back into the building and then make my way into the restroom where I could privately dig in my blouse without the whole world watching. As I turned and took a step forward, something clanged to the ground. I turned back around and there was my ring rolling rapidly towards the storm drain of Mt. Doom. There was no way I'd be able to reach it in time, but never in the history of all pregnant women has one moved so fast and fearless as I. Just as the ring teetered on the precipice of the drain, my coworker leaned forward and scooped up my ring.

I was still crying on the way home, more tears of relief. But I decided that I would no longer wear my ring on a necklace, which I was only doing because of the swelling in my fingers. It saddened me to no longer be to carry the symbol of me and my husband's love, but I'd rather keep it safe at home than risk the possibility of losing it. After all, it is very precious to me. It's my preciousss.

~ Kathy

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