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Week 30
~ Stupid

Before I forget, like I have in previous weeks, I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone who sent me emails with shopping tips, sympathy and advice. It is much appreciated. I've been meaning to thank everyone for the past couple of weeks, but have forgotten each time, which brings me to the subject of this week's topic . . . The Pregnancy Stupid.

Back in my first trimester, I suffered through a lot of pregnancy symptoms and would whine about them to those who'd listen. I received an email from a friend that said "Just wait until you get The Pregnancy Stupid". Not knowing exactly what she meant, I took it with a grain of salt. After all, I was already forgetful because I was so tired all the time. But the forgetfulness I experienced back then did not compare to The Pregnancy Stupid I have contracted now. Some of these incidents have happened in previous weeks, but I've forgotten to mention them. However, now seems like the perfect time so I'll indulge those of you ready for a good laugh.

Forgetting how to speak has been my biggest issue. Luckily the people I work with know me so well; they know exactly what I'm trying to say. The same can be said for my husband. But as I stood in the furniture store this past weekend, squirming with my legs crossed in dire need of a biological release, I found that forgetting the word "bathroom" could have dire consequences. Jeff was looking at furniture elsewhere in the store and could not help me with this one. So after a many long seconds of blabbering "the uh . . . uh . . ." at the salesman, I blurted "I have to pee!" Great, I've already regressed back to childhood.

My most embarrassing experience however, was walking out of the cafeteria at work without paying for my drink. I got all the way to my desk and put the money back into my wallet, not realizing exactly what that meant. Two minutes later, I bounded out my chair with a curse and marched right up to the cashier to explain what happened. No worries, she said, I could pay for the drink now. But when I reached into my pocket, I realized I had already put my money back in my wallet. I had to return back to my desk, get the money and then walk all the way back to the cafeteria to pay for my drink. This may not seem like a big deal, but all that walking can feel like a marathon when you're eight months pregnant.

The most amusing, however, occurred one day after work. When I got into my car, I realized I did not have my phone. I searched my purse, my pockets and my book bag, but couldn't find it. I realized I had probably left it at my desk. I didn't relish the thought of walking a quarter mile back to the building for my phone, but neither did I want to leave it sitting on my desk. Just then a brilliant idea struck me. "I know, I'll call Toby (my coworker) and have him bring me my phone." I spent the next two minutes searching for my phone in my purse, my pockets and my bag so that I could call my coworker. Doh! It's the Pregnancy Stupid and it ain't pretty.

~ Kathy

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