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Week 31
~ Busy as a Bee

This week was a very busy week both inside and outside of work. We spent the early afternoon on Saturday buying dining room furniture, a process which took much longer than we anticipated. Afterwards, we made our way to a barbeque at a friend's house. We stayed there until late evening after my feet had swollen twice their normal size. Pregnancy has definitely slowed us down, a fact I'm not too happy about.

The week at work was very busy as well and I seem to be getting slower and even the simple things seem to be getting harder each week. I'm glad we're in the final stretch of this pregnancy. Jeff and I start childbirthing classes next week. I was only able to get a day's workout in because of the fatigue I felt. Last night, I fell asleep shortly past 8:30 pm and woke feeling as if I hadn't gotten any sleep at all.

We got a few more things from family and friends off our baby registry. The baby swing and diaper genie will definitely come in handy. We're going to go ahead and purchase another changing table for downstairs as we've received lot of advice on the subject matter that two changing tables are definitely beneficial so we won't have to keep walking upstairs to change the baby.

In upcoming weeks, Jeff and I are going to be purchasing more stuff for the baby such as bottles, diapers, and other baby gear. I think my two main challenges are going to be to try to find a nursing bra that I like in my size and which breast pump I need to purchase. I will be pumping at work so I'll need something that can work fast and quietly that's very portable.

~ Kathy

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