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Week 33
~ Getting Things Ready

We spent this past week compiling a list of baby supplies we have, baby supplies we need, and things we have to do before the baby arrives. We spent about a half an hour each night focusing of getting something done related to our upcoming delivery. And each night we looked at our list and wondered if we're ever going to get everything done on time.

We had company over the first part of the week, which made doing anything baby related near impossible. We were able to purchase a baby monitor. We are still in debate over whether or not we'll have to purchase a new infant car seat. We bought a stroller/car seat/carrier combination from a neighbor a few months ago, but we're unsure if it is safe for infants. We're going to read the instruction manual this weekend and try to put it in our car to see if everything fits. Still, we've been hearing from various sources never to buy a used car seat and between my husband's frugalness and my worrisome nature we don't know what to do. I've heard our local fire station inspects car seats so we'll most likely end up going down there for an inspection to remove any doubt. However, if the car seat we have now does not rear face, then we'll be purchasing a new one.

I was not feeling well a couple days this past week. I had severe nausea and headache. I also had trouble moving around and walking as I felt I had pulled some lower abdominal muscles. After a couple days rest, I was back on my feet again.

My maternity bras I ordered finally came in. The problem is they fit me right now, which means they'll most likely be too small once my milk comes in. I really like these bras as they are comfortable, but I got them in the largest cup size they offer. I'm still at a loss at what to do. The return policies on some of the online stores aren't very good; they'll only exchange an item. How can I exchange them for a size they don't carry? So, I think I'm back to square one looking for a nursing bar that fits. I can't begin to tell you how much money I've wasted purchasing bras that I can't return for a refund.

~ Kathy

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