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Week 34
~ Getting Ready

Jeff and I are well on our way to getting things ready for our upcoming delivery. We are slowly buying things each night in way of supplies. This week is our last week of birthing class, which I have enjoyed immensely with my husband. With both our hectic schedules, it seems to be a good bonding exercise for us. I wish we could do it more often.

I had to work late earlier this week due to a Production Issue. Because of this, I found myself very active instead of just sitting at my desk. I had to walk, squat, stand sit, and constantly move around working with different people to resolve the issue. I felt the pain in my back before I realized what was happening. I was having contractions. The drive home, which is approximately an hour for me, was difficult. The contractions were coming often, but I couldn't time them because I could not see the clock due to my eye. Several times, I couldn't keep my foot on the accelerator due to the pressure. It would be my luck that I'd go into labor the day before Jeff had an important presentation to give in downtown Indianapolis.

I called ahead to let Jeff know what was going on. He drew a warm bath for me which was ready when I got home. The contractions subsided after about a half an hour of soaking. They came sporadically afterwards. By the time I went to bed, my back was very sore. I had yet to have any back pain during this pregnancy. The contractions definitely changed that. However, by the next morning the back pain had disappeared and I was feeling much better.

I received great news from my doctor this week at one of our appointments. My blood screening turned out to be the best in the office. I am her healthiest patient. I think this speaks volumes considering my age and considering most of her patients are less than twenty years of age. Now most folks have mistaken me when I say I am the healthiest patient. I do not mean I am the best looking patient. I am, however, beautiful on the inside and now I have the blood panel to prove it.

~ Kathy

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