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Week 36
~ The Waiting Game

Week Thirty-Six was a struggle for me. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it appeared as if I was slowing down reaching it. I was walking slower, taking longer to get chores done and reaching the point where I could no longer bend over to pick anything up. I felt the need for my mother greater than any time before and was glad she was arriving at the end of the week.

Jeff and I are ready. The nursery is done. The layette is complete. The supplies are purchased and put away. Each piece of baby gear appears to be collecting dust on the floor of the nursery; the baby bouncer, swing, and carrier. It feels as they are all rusting before my eyes. If this week seemed to pass by slowly, how will the other weeks pass?

As you can tell, there isn't much to report this week. Everything's been done. We're waiting for our little one to arrive and the real work to begin. I suppose I shouldn't complain too much. I've had a very healthy pregnancy thus far. If I wasn't "so boring," as my doctor puts it, then I'd have a lot more to worry about.

Next week, I'll be taking the Group B Strep test and getting an estimate about how big our son is. That will be exciting news and I look forward to writing about that.

~ Kathy

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