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Week 37
~ The News and the Blues

This week was both a blessing and a challenge. I received good news from my OB appointment at the beginning of the week. I have begun effacing and am about 1 cm dilated. My contractions are coming more often, and I was told that I have a "favorable cervix." Yes, I am definitely beautiful on the inside. However, things took a slightly negative turn shortly after I arrived home from my appointment.

I was examined by the midwife and given the Group B Strep test. She told me that I should expect some light spotting afterwards. When I got home, the thin napkin I had was completely soaked through. I decided to take a shower thinking this was normal after an exam and should stop shortly. Six hours later, I was on the phone with my doctor. It was as if I was having a heavy period. This was definitely not spotting. My doctor and I had to make a decision at that point. It was close to 9 pm and I would have to go to emergency care for an examination. Bump was still as active as ever and I really didn't think anything was wrong. We decided to wait until morning.

By morning, I was significantly better. I was only spotting and by the end of the day it was gone altogether. Apparently, it was a result of my cervical exam. I suppose if I was told to "expect bleeding" instead of "expect some spotting" that I would not have been alarmed as much as I was. I just chalked it up to being the unknowns of first time pregnancy.

My biggest complaint this week however was the fact that my feet started to swell more. One day at work, I couldn't fit my foot into my shoe. The fact that the office has the air conditioner less during the day did not help. The average temperature this week was 78 degrees Fahrenheit. I was miserable. I hope that these last few weeks pass by quickly because I feel that I can almost bear being at work no longer. If I am lucky, Bump will make an appearance before my due date.

~ Kathy

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