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Week 5
~ What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

The worst part of Week Five for me was the fatigue. I still wasn't experiencing any morning sickness, but I still couldn't stay awake past seven o'clock at night. StorkNet had warned me that morning sickness usually starts this week and I was a little nervous as I had training classes to give for the entire week.

By mid-week, I was still doing fine in regards to no morning sickness. I was still going to bed really early, a fact that was wearing on my husband. It was wearing on my dogs for that matter too as they weren't getting their exercise through play or walks. My nightly bathroom visits were starting to wear on me. I wasn't taking the Unisom every night because I just didn't feel comfortable doing so. Needless to say, there were nights that I didn't sleep at all.

I noticed that things that normally wouldn't upset me tended to set off the water works. I found myself crying at commercials and other such nonsense. I was definitely looking forward to the end of the week as Jeff and I had plans for Valentine's Day. I'd probably blubber all through that day as well, but hopefully it would be a happy blubber.

Work still posed a challenge. My boss and coworkers noticed that I looked tired. Several actually commented on how awful I looked. Thanks guys, but don't you know pregnant women are supposed to be beautiful. I kept my mouth shut, but I was very tempted to say that. Overall, week five was a quiet week with much of the same symptoms as week four.

~ Kathy

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