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Week 6
~ Valentine's Day, Tossed Cookies, and Dead Presidents

Week Six started out fantastic for me. It was Valentine's Day. Jeff and I drove to downtown Indianapolis and spent the day there together. We saw a movie and ate dinner afterwards. We drove home and I baked Oatmeal cookies and we watched a DVD. It was a great day, but alas it was not to last.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I would toss my cookies (literally; we had Oatmeal cookies the night before) at any minute. Our room smelled awful as our Rhodesian was a little gassy during the night. No, he was a lot gassy. I spent the day gnawing on crackers and drinking ginger ale.

I didn't get any sleep Sunday night due to the nausea. I was unable to make it into work on Monday. When, I finally made it out of bed later Monday morning, I noticed I had a new friend. He decided to supplant himself directly in the middle of my forehead as a beauty mark imposter. I think I'll call him George.

Tuesday wasn't much better than Monday. I was still nauseous and George showed no sign of leaving despite all my efforts of coercing. I laid moaning on the couch most of the day and evening while my dogs played in the garbage can. Horrified at the prospect at my husband coming home to the mess, I managed to pick up the disaster area. Meanwhile, my dogs moved on to a more interesting choice of toy; my husband's IPOD. I wonder if children are better behaved; I might be in trouble.

I woke up Wednesday and was determined to make it into work. George had apparently invited a friend for a sleep over as I had another blemish on the right side of my cheek. I think I'll call him J. Adams.

When I got to work, there was a box of Girl Scout cookies sitting on my desk. The thought of eating anymore cookies made me, once again, feel like I would, literally, toss my cookies. In fact, I found myself not two minutes later, hovering over the porcelain goddess praying that I wouldn't be producing any offerings.

By Thursday, I felt better. I even felt good enough to have a bit of King Cake with my coworkers. I'm sure that one of them has guessed at my condition by now as he keeps eyeing me suspiciously and keeps making odd statements in regards to my change in diet and beverage choices.

I was hoping that I'd be one of the lucky ones and avoid the morning sickness which really lasts all day for me. Week six proved this was not to be so. I managed to sprout more friends for George Washington and John Adams. I've appropriately named them Jefferson, Madison and Monroe.

~ Kathy

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