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Week 8
~ Wash, Rinse, Repeat

The weekend that brought in week eight came and went quicker than I would have liked. Jeff cooked some burritos, which more than satisfied my craving for them. Not much else was done as I slept most of Saturday and Sunday.

Hence, Monday morning arrived way too soon for my liking and I found myself fighting the urge to doze at my desk. Overall, I only had the fatigue as no nausea was present; so I counted myself lucky. My face had cleared up some, but my hair still looked like a rat's nest. Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

The week went by rather slowly. It was pretty much a repeat of the previous week. I came home each night and showered, ate, and then was off to bed. My dogs turned their frustrated gazes upon me with the question of "When will be start going on walks again?" lingering behind their sad eyes. I made a mental note to start taking walked starting this coming weekend. And then I fell off to sleep.

I received a few phone calls that week, but didn't return any calls or answer any emails. I felt guilty about answers of "Not much" when asked what was new.

The week ended quietly. The nausea reappeared in full force and I couldn't decide what our weekend meal was going to be so I let my husband decide. Overall, the week ended up being an occurrence of wash, rinse, repeat. Hopefully, next week is more exciting.

~ Kathy

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