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Week 9
~ The Strange Disappearance of Katherine Y

Week nine started out with a new beautiful bouquet of pimples. I named the biggest Sun and Moon. I'm trying to convince other people they really are beauty marks. We had a going away lunch for a colleague on Friday and I found myself staring at a plate full of fries wondering how I could eat them slowly and demurely when really I just wanted to shovel the entire batch into my mouth. I barely succeed in being discreet. My coworker taunted me about drinking water for lunch. He wanted to know why I didn't order a Diet Pepsi like I usually do. And he grinned while he asked. I'm certain he knows. What a way to start week nine. At least it was Friday.

Due to my nausea I couldn't decide what Jeff and I would be eating over the weekend. Jeff settled on making a pot of Jambalaya since it is pretty easy to make. I didn't protest and found myself having two bowls instead of one. It was at that time that I began to wonder about my weight. I hadn't weighed myself since before I was pregnant. I decided to wait until the start of my next week before I assessed the damage.

This week I started receiving emails and phone calls from family and friends asking where I had been as they hadn't heard from me in awhile and was worried. It is unusual for me to be so quiet. Again, I felt horrible as being unable to answer truthfully. I chocked it up to busy extremely busy at work and other such evasive answers. Still, I couldn't bring myself to talk to many people as I inevitability felt like I was lying by omission. I decided to wait out the storm.

Even those at work were taking a notice at my demeanor. Evidently, I was being quiet there as well. I got a lucky break at the end of the week when that coworker of my finally admitted he had guessed I was pregnant. He claimed he knew the first day I walked in with a can of Fresca instead of Diet Pepsi. I didn't deny it and I was secretly glad someone I saw on a daily basis knew.

The end of the week brought some exciting news. Jeff was invited to a party at a colleague's. I was glad to get out of the house and reappear to the world; I just didn't realize I would fall asleep doing so.

~ Kathy

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