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Entry 11 - January 20, 2009
Five Months Already?

Will Time is still slipping by so quickly. Tomorrow, Will is turning FIVE months old! My little newborn is long gone, and in his place, is a rapidly changing infant who smiles, coos, turns over, eats solid foods, and . . . has "real" poos in his diaper! Sorry, but I even think those are adorable. My husband thinks I am batty.

Will has now found all of his body parts and has a big-time fascination with his toes. The second you take his socks off, they are in his mouth. He is pretty consistently turning over now and "skooching" around a little bit, especially on his back. If I put him on the floor, he'll move himself off the blanket in just a few minutes. The other night, I put him on our bed while I read a magazine and he had himself nearly to the edge before I'd even read a full article - there was no danger, of course, I was laying right there with him, but it still made me realize why moms need eyes in the back of their heads. These little guys are quick!

On the food front, he is bananas for bananas! We have a little self-feeder that I can put chunks of a real banana in and he can suck on the mesh part to just get the pulp. He will eat an entire banana by himself while we eat dinner. He also like peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes, and that is all that we have tried for now. We did have some constipation after introducing bananas, so I also gave him some prune juice. He is NOT a fan of that and makes a funny face before spitting it out. I tried several more times and the reaction has been the same. Tips for constipation are gladly accepted!

Sleeping is going better for the most part. We have a very consistent morning nap that is lengthening to an hour plus and an afternoon nap that I can usually soothe him back to sleep. Nighttimes have been improving, as well. We are doing a "gentle," controlled crying at nighttime. Nothing drastic, but we are doing increasing time intervals of letting himself self-soothe. We are doing 3, 5, and 7 minute wait times and have only had to go past the five minute time once. If it has been at least five hours since he has eaten, I will still feed him at night, though I know most people think that they can go all night, he really does seem hungry. And since his night wakings are no longer every night, I really do feel as if he is needing something when he wakes up, even if it's just a little cuddle time with Mama. We had a nice, weeklong stretch of 8 - 6, so I can handle a night like last night, when he was up twice.

WillWill and I also have started a new part time "job." Well, it's not really a job, but it's a nice way to get out of the house. I signed up to be a mystery shopper and had my first assignment last Friday. It was fun to be incognito and finally get a chance to fight back against poor service. I had the opportunity to witness some pretty gross stuff (an employee wiping her nose and then getting a pastry out of the bakery case, for example) and know that something will actually be done about it. I get reimbursed for all of my expenses (the food, parking, and gas), so it's a great, cheap way for me to have a nice lunch or breakfast. Also, the more shops I do, the more will open up, for hotel stays, dinners, etc. Will seemed to enjoy the outing and played the part of Mystery Shopper Baby very well!

It's amazing to watch his personality develop more and more each day. This, of course, brings out new questions and more things for me to research. I know that he is still awfully young, but I am starting to notice that he is getting more vocal when things don't go his way and wonder when it's time to start addressing that behavior. Last night, when I would take the banana away to refill it, he would get MAD and let me know it by screaming until he was red. I gently told him "no" and that I needed to put more banana in for him to eat before he could have it back, but I felt a little silly doing it. I guess I just want to be prepared when it is time to discipline. Don't worry, though, I am still firmly wrapped around his little finger!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the winter!

~ Katie

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